Stretch (old scribbles from 2009)

It’s a little difficult to live in a place where you can’t express any sort of emotions and not be judged…Calling that “a little difficult” is the understatement of the day.
Feelings like doubts about your faith, resentment of family members, just wanting to go to a club and dance your ass off because you like the euphoria that brings out in you, falling in love with someone who’s “wrong” for you…
Judge, judge, judge… all they do is judge, condemn you with their eyes and crucify you in their thoughts…
You’re doomed of you stay, you’re damned of you escape…
You’re a freak if you rebel and you’re a bigger freak if you make up a way to cope…
And in the end, you doubt the reward of it all… will they love you and be there for you if you meet their expectation, or will they just find another excuse to get disappointed?

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